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I am a Mental Health Advocate and I blog about all things mental health. Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder and an Eating Disorder. I have spent a fair bit of time as an inpatient on various different psychiatric wards, as both an informal and formal patient.

I am a dad to two beautiful children, a 3 year old girl called Esmai and a 1 year old boy called Harry. My children are my world and the only reason I am still alive, and I would give my last breath if it meant they could take another.

Some things I enjoy doing with my time include spreading awareness about mental health, hiking, running and going to the gym. I love to be outdoors and I also enjoy a bit of photography.

I started down this path of being a mental health advocate in February of 2019. For far to long throughout my life, both myself and many others have had to endure the stigma associated with mental health. This stigma comes from all walks of life, including the professionals in the mental health services that are supposed to help.
It is also my aim, that by spreading awareness and education, I can help to bring down the walls of stigma. I also hope that through my work, I can once again get better funding in place for those who suffer with a mental illness.

Admission To A Psych Ward

Sunday 15th September was the day I was to be admitted to Psychiatric ward, though at the time I didn’t know this. I forced myself out of bed early that day despite having no sleep. This had become somewhat routine for me, even if I had slept or […]

Help Support My Work…

I have been away from mental health advocacy and writing about it on my blog for a few month now due to my laptop braking and being unable to purchase another. Mental Health Advocacy is something I am really passionate about and I want to be able to […]

Parenting With Mental Health

If i could give my kids just 3 things, it would be the confidence to always know their self worth, the strength to chase their dreams, and the ability to know how truly and deeply loved they are. I can recall a lot of situations where I have […]