About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Chris, and I decided to start this blog in the hope it will help other people with mental health problems, like myself. Back in 2005 when I was 24 years old, I was formally diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Prior to this diagnosis I spent several times as a voluntary patient on a psychiatric ward, because I attempted to end my own life. I have also been detained twice under section 3 of the mental health act. I have also been placed on a section 136 on a few occasions, this is a power the police have to detain you under the mental health act until an assessment can be carried out. Also in 2018 I was placed on a section 5(2) whilst I was an informal patient, this happened because I wanted to discharge myself at a weekend when no care plan could be put in place. This happened despite the fact that the consultant psychiatrist had said in my notes that I was free to discharge myself and that I was no risk to myself or anyone else.

Around 2014 I had a diagnosis of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder along with the one I already had. This did not come as a surprise to me, given the Childhood Trauma i went through. This started happening when I was around 6 years old and went on through the years, from various different people right through to my early teens. One of which was a close family member. I never disclosed any of this to anybody, until I was under the mental health services.

This year, 2019, on Eating Disorder Awareness Week, i managed to face a long standing issue and spoke to an eating disorder charity on their live web chat support service. Because i didn’t feel i could speak directly to my GP, they suggested i call the NHS111 service, which i did. They went through a series or questions with me including my history and present and told me they were going to send a report to my GP. I then had to call my GP within 24 hours, so when i found the courage to do it, i did. I had to go in the following day to have my bloods took and the day after i found out i was anaemic. I am now in the process of being referred to the eating disorder service.

Currently I am on an antidepressant call fluoxetine, which i only started in February 2019. Prior to that, i was medication free for over a year. I am not currently under the mental health services anymore as I was discharged in July last year after missing a couple psychiatrist appointments. At the time my anxiety was preventing me from going out and despite this I was still discharged.

I think I will leave it there for now, but I will update this as and when I can.