Admission To A Psych Ward

Sunday 15th September was the day I was to be admitted to Psychiatric ward, though at the time I didn’t know this.

I forced myself out of bed early that day despite having no sleep. This had become somewhat routine for me, even if I had slept or not. But that particular night I just lay there, in the dark, thinking of the ways I could put an end to my life and actually be successful if I planned it out properly, with zero mistakes.

You see, I had already set a plan in motion several days earlier where I would take high doses of paracetamol each day till my body could take no more. I had already began taking 18 a day over a 4 day period and this already felt like a complete failure to me, but I continued on this day to. On top of the paracetamol, I also took high doses of Tramadol, usually around 14 tablets all in one go. I guess my messed up way of thinking thought that I could give myself a slow and painful death, but the only thing I felt physically was nauseous and a nasty taste of paracetamol in my throat that would not shift.

Nothing felt real to me today, everything around just didn’t feel like it belonged, or it was misplaced somehow. Even walking to the bus stop when I set off for my home treatment team appointment, it was all just surreal. The trees, the cars, the people, nothing felt like it was supposed to be, but I headed on to my appointment regardless as deep down I knew I was dissociating.

It was an uneasy journey to say the least.

During my appointment I was surprised to see a nurse I used to be under walk into the room. He greeted me and we sat down and then I started going over everything what was happening lately. My flashbacks, losing my kids, my current deteriorating mood, my recent suicide attempts and how I was feeling that particular day.

I was there for about an hour when I started having intense flashbacks, finding myself back in the past. All my thoughts and emotions had centred on this event and it was one of the strongest I have had in a while. I felt like time itself had stopped.

After coming out of this flashback I was a wreck, I was shaking and I had tears flowing down my face. My jeans where wet from the constant flow of tears and I was biting my hand so hard to point it bore teeth marks and bruised. I could hear the nurse talking to me but I couldn’t make any sense of it at first, and then just like someone had slapped me across the face I was back with it.

My nurse was asking me what was going on and I couldn’t speak, I was just a wreck, a total wreck. He said I kept tensing up and he could see I was in distress but I wouldn’t respond to anything he tried. He asked me if I had a flashback to which I just nodded, he asked if I wanted to talk about it but I just shook my head. He asked if I wanted to go outside for a smoke and I agreed.

While sat on the wall outside, he continued to try and get me to engage in a conversation but I was just frozen. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t even look at him. All that was going through my head now was a plan to end my life, and I was going to do this after the appointment finished without even going home.

Another hour had elapsed and I was still frozen. The nurse tried and tried again to get me to speak but I couldn’t. He asked if I went home now and came back to another appointment tomorrow would I be able to keep myself safe. To hearing this I just broke down as I knew what I was planning to do, and I knew there would be no coming back from it.

He took me back inside and asked if I would like to see a doctor so I said yes. I was desperate for any kind of help right now.

I opened up to the doctor and nurse about my plans from leaving the appointment and she said she would like me to come into hospital. She asked if I would be ok with this, to which I shook my head. She said that what I had told her had raised red flags and she cannot allow me to go home. She said she will give me a few minutes to think about it, and left the room.

After what seemed like a lifetime she came back in and asked if I had thought about it, and again I froze up. She continued to try and get me to speak over the next half hour till eventually I nodded to agree I would go in.

I’m going to leave it there for now guys as in finding quite triggering writing about this.

I will post another update soon.

Take care, Much love x


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  1. Chris, I’m following your Twitter and reading your blog and want to say I’m thinking of you so hang on in there. I realise how hard it must be for you now. I’m in the same situation – also close to Manchester and this week I have begged and pleaded for help to no avail for the same. I’m glad you had this nurse who realised how unwell you were, it’s hard to admit when you need help but I am relieved your safe. I’m not on Twitter but my understanding of it and reading your tweets is you are a real advocate to the MH community, so keep fighting for yourself and your loved ones.

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    • Thank you so much Alison, though I don’t feel like an advocate at times I do try my best to get it out there.
      I am sorry you are going through a difficult time right now and hitting that invisible wall that seems to be in place when someone is genuinely in a crisis. I wish you the best and please keep fighting. Don’t hesitate to reach out any time if you need a listening ear and maybe some guidance.


      • Hi Chris. Things for me got worse, so I demanded an admission, first for me, I normally let them tell me what I need but this time I told them what I needed. No beds in my area so late Friday night shipped off in a taxi to The Priory in Altrincham. At least I am safe but my MH trust failed to send a list of my meds, so no sleep at all… *sigh* it can only get better, I hope. Hope you are doing ok.

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  2. Stay strong Chris. You got this. You’ve been so brave in sharing this with us. It’s not easy, in fact it’s awful, but thank you for opening up to us about this. Keep writing if it helps, and keep sharing your story. xx

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  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to share some of your story. I can feel the pain and distress you were in and I’m so happy you were able to seek help. I hope you received the help you needed and deserved. It took so much courage to write this. I’m so glad the suicide attempt did not work. Even as a stranger, I value your life and your story. Thank you for sharing.

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