Mental Health

Let Me Be Clear, I Do Not Endorse Self Harm!

“Seeing scars fade is a sign of strength, not a reason to make more”

A while back I posted a graphic article about self-harm with images that some readers found disturbing. Those images where of myself when I was actively using self-harm as a coping mechanism.

That article caused quite a stir and was one of the reasons I backed off from posting more content while I was at such a low point in my life. But just as a lot of my followers has pointed out to me, advocating for mental health also includes educating the world on the often most disturbing parts of mental health too.

Self-harm has always been something that has been looked down upon by people who don’t understand anything about it. It is often portrayed as a means of attention seeking when in fact it is not. Self-harm, in all its many forms, is a means of coping with difficult thoughts and emotions, and often a last-ditch attempt to survive.

Although not a positive coping mechanism, it has sometimes been just enough to pull myself back from the edge, and often saved my life in the process. Let me clear though, I do not under any circumstances endorse self-harm in any way shape or form. There are countless other ways to help you cope when all seems lost, and thankfully over the past few months I have found a few that work for me.

I encourage everyone who self harms to do some research and try some of the many positive, non-destructive ways of coping in difficult times.

I am going to leave it here for now, but I plan on putting an article together with some coping techniques that work for me. I will also include some that I have tried, but not worked out for me, as they may work for you.

As always, stay strong and stay safe x


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